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Andrew Benintendi & Other Players Ejected In 9-5 Red Sox Loss To Rangers [VIDEO] Full view

BOSTON, MA - AUGUST 13: Andrew Benintendi #40 of the Boston Red Sox gives a thumbs-up to the crowd before a game against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Fenway Park on August 13, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Rich Gagnon/Getty Images)

Andrew Benintendi & Other Players Ejected In 9-5 Red Sox Loss To Rangers [VIDEO]

The Boston Red Sox continued to follow up their historic championship season with mediocrity Tuesday night. However, during this affair, the team showed a little extra flare.

Although seeing any life from within the Boston dugout amid a dry and disappointing campaign thus far excites promptly fans, umpire Angel Hernandez found no pleasure during the incident, tossing Andrew Benintendi and then manager Alex Cora during the fifth inning.

The mess commenced after a Benintendi ground out, as after the play ended Benintendi voiced his displeasure for Hernandez’s calls behind the plate during his at–bat’s early stages. Hearing Benintendi’s profanity addressed toward Hernandez with ease , first base umpire Vic Carapazza consequently tossed Benintendi. The ejection immediately set off Cora, who stormed onto the field to argue, all while Benintendi continued to shout multiple insults from the dugout. Once finishing his antagonistic speech, Hernandez threw out Cora next, now leaving Boston without not only an outfielder but also a manager.

Reluctant to let things cool down, opposing manager Chris Woodward joined in on the fun just a half-inning later. After changing the call and ruling Asdrubal Cabrera out after attempting to stretch a single into a double, Woodward trotted out to give Hernandez his third earful during the contest, and in return, Hernandez granted the Rangers manager his first career ejection. Woodward eventually spoke after the game’s ending and he stated, “I just want consistency — that’s all — from the umpires.” The game eventually concluded with a Texas victory by a 9–5 score and the Red Sox dropped below .500 once again. Meanwhile, the Rangers continued to add to their unlikely yet impressive win total, earning victory number 36.


Hernandez stood by his actions after the game ended as he simply stated, “He violated the rules of the game. These are rules. It’s my job to enforce them.” Whether bad umpiring warranted the reactions from each ejectee or not, the incident bodes negatively for other umpires and the league entirely, as ugly incidents such as these often lead to further ones. Both parties will try to get things right as the series continues and eventually concludes on Thursday.


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Written by Collin Helwig