The Washington Commanders are now in even more hot water surrounding owner Dan Snyder. According to findings from an investigation by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, Snyder allegedly covered up allegations of workplace misconduct during the NFL’s 2020 investigation.

Snyder conducted his own “shadow investigation” during this time by attempting to discredit former team employees, their legal teams and journalists. Snyder hired private investigators to collect and find evidence that implied that former team president Bruce Allen was to blame for the toxic environment within the team. Snyder sent these investigators to the homes of former cheerleaders to gather said evidence, according to a memo from Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D). “Lawyers for Mr. Snyder used their shadow investigation to create a 100-slide dossier with emails, text messages, telephone records, and social media posts from journalists, victims, and witnesses who had made credible public accusations of harassment against the Commanders,” the report states.

The report also details the lengths that Snyder went to to make sure employees would not speak out against the team during the investigation. A former employee who had been with the team for 20 years, Jason Freidman said, “The silence was the enabler and the silence was driven by fear, and that fear was justified by actions, it was not concocted. People were afraid to lose their jobs because they had seen so many others lose their jobs.”

Snyder has repeatedly declined to testify in Wednesday’s hearing before Congress, citing business conflicts. Snyder’s attorney said, “The Snyders and the team remain fully willing to cooperate with the Committee, and are eager to share the cultural transformation undertaken by the Commanders if the Committee is interested in obtaining that information in a manner consistent with appropriate due process and fairness protections.”

Commissioner Roger Goodell testifed virtually, however.

The NFL’s initial investigation into the team in 2020 led to a $10 million fine for the Commanders and required Snyder to relinquish day-to-day control of the team. His wife, Tanya, currently oversees the organization’s operations. Snyder is also facing allegations of fraud from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

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