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Uncertainty Surrounds Le’Veon Bell With Adam Gase At Helm For Jets Full view

PITTSBURGH, PA - DECEMBER 10: Le'Veon Bell #26 of the Pittsburgh Steelers carries the ball against Michael Pierce #97 of the Baltimore Ravens in the second half during the game at Heinz Field on December 10, 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Uncertainty Surrounds Le’Veon Bell With Adam Gase At Helm For Jets

The New York Jets, who for years have generated headlines illustrating both instability and ineffectiveness, appear to have picked up their old habit once again. With little to zero warnings present leading up to the firing, the Jets abruptly asked their now former general manager Mike Maccagan to clean out his office. After piloting what seemed to be a turn around for the struggling franchise with moves such as signing running back Le’Veon Bell and drafting quarterback Sam Darnold, Maccagan now finds himself unemployed and apart of the growing fraternity of failed New York Jets experiments.

Head Coach Adam Gase now takes the helm, filling in the general manager void left after Maccagan’s departure. Although front office shuffling almost always brings about some internal turmoil, this move unfortunately brings extra baggage to the Meadowlands alongside it. After reports claiming that Gase stood against signing Bell surfaced, the new general manager now finds himself at odds with the three–time pro–bowler and arguably best running back the NFL offers. Gase’s suspected stance against Bell perhaps contributed to Maccagan’s firing as well according to reports.

With Bell now surrounded by a manager who potentially never wanted him to begin with, stories depicting possible trade talks in place for the running back have already surfaced. In response, Gase denied all claims regarding his suspected disapproval of Bell as he stated, “We signed [Bell]. I’m excited we have him. I’ve been in constant communication with him. ” Amid the reports, Bell illustrated his focus simply remains on football as he tweeted, “I don’t jump to conclusions when I hear or see a story that may affect me. Even if reports are true, that won’t stop me from doing what I came here to do … everyone has a job to do, and I’m gonna do mine whether people ‘like’ me or not. I’m here to win football games.” Bell remains under contract with New York, as the Jets signed him to a four year, $52.5 million contract last March.

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Written by Collin Helwig