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Bengals Reportedly Considering Signing Colin Kaepernick

September 19, 20170

Colin Kaepernick has yet to find a new NFL team, although another squad has emerged as a contender to sign the…


Steph Curry Voices Support For Colin Kaepernick, Says QB Should Be Signed

September 11, 20170

Colin Kaepernick has received both sharp criticism and praise from notable sports figures and fans alike since protesting the national anthem…


Watch: Colin Kaepernick Fans Stage Rally At NFL HQ, Demand Signing Of QB

August 24, 20170

More than 1,000 supporters of Colin Kaepernick gathered around the steps of the NFL headquarters in New York on Wednesday to express…


OPINION: Do NFL Owners Think Football Fans Are Racist?

August 8, 20170

The Seattle Seahawks outspoken cornerback Richard Sherman took some time out of his busy week preparing for the 2017/2018 football…


Ravens Deny Owner Steven Bisciotti Is Against Colin Kaepernick Signing

August 2, 20170

The Baltimore Ravens on Wednesday denied an ESPN report that claimed owner Steve Bisciotti is opposed to signing free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  Ravens…


Ravens Sign Arena League QB David Olson After Joe Flacco Gets Injured

July 28, 20170

The Baltimore Ravens announced on Friday their signing of arena league quarterback David Olson. Ravens QB David Olson Arena League The…


Michael Vick’s Advice For Jobless Colin Kaepernick: Get A Haircut

July 18, 20170

No NFL team has yet overtly expressed interest in signing free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick following the former San Francisco 49ers star’s…


Colin Kaepernick Visits Seahawks In Free Agency After Team Voices Interest

May 24, 20170

Colin Kaepernick visited the Seattle Seahawks on Wednesday after the team expressed interest in the free-agent quarterback. Colin Kaepernick Visits Seahawks…


Pete Carroll: Seahawks Considering Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III As Backup QB Options

May 15, 20170

Pete Carroll revealed Monday that the Seattle Seahawks are including Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III in their options for backup quarterbacks. Pete Carroll Says…


Joe Theismann Slams 49ers For Giving Colin Kaepernick ‘Inspirational’ Award

January 4, 20170

Legendary NFL quarterback Joe Theismann stated Tuesday that he is vehemently disappointed by the San Francisco 49ers’ decision to give Colin Kaepernick an award…