Terrell Owens dissed Stephen A. Smith in quite a bold way on Thursday.

The Hall of Famer appeared as a guest on ESPN’s First Take and was explaining his support for Colin Kaepernick‘s decision to change the location of his workout on Saturday. Owens also backed the ostracized free-agent quarterback for demanding “transparency” from the NFL, which blackballed him nearly three years ago.

Smith has repeatedly criticized Kaepernick, including for his decision to abstain from voting during the 2016 election, despite kneeling for the national anthem that year to protest racial inequality. Owens noted that Smith’s co-host Max Kellerman has defended Kaepernick significantly more than Smith has, and went on to say he believed Kellerman appeared to be the “blacker” of the two hosts.

“I’m in the streets, Max almost seems blacker than you Stephen A,” Owens told Smith. The First Take anchor quickly told Owens how offended he was by the comment.

“You done crossed the line,” Smith responded to Owens before accusing the former wide receiver of trying to “bait” him before the black community. Smith also blasted Owens on Twitter, and noted that the Hall of Famer requested to come on the show to discuss Kaepernick.


Smith was one of several people who dismissed Kaepernick’s workout over the weekend as simply a stunt to get attention. The First Take host blasted the free-agent passer for attending the workout session with a T-shirt that made a reference to slavery. NFL pundits and fans will surely remain divided for a long time about whether or not Kaepernick should be allowed to return to the league.


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