Powerlifter Naomi Kutin lives in a household where only healthy foods are permitted.

“My mom is a nutritionist, so to begin with in my house, we don’t have junk food or anything,” the 16-year-old nicknamed ‘Supergirl’ revealed with a laugh. “Pretzels are considered junk food in my house. We also have a lot of protein. I make sure to have protein with every meal, which can be challenging sometimes when I just want some cereal. My parents say, ‘No, you need to get some protein,’ so I have to end up having fish or something.”

Kutin started lifting at the tender age of 8, and broke her first record when she was 9. Her father was a powerlifter for over 30 years, and her brother also competes in the sport.

The documentary Supergirl about Kutin’s life aired on PBS in December and details her struggles and successes balancing family life and lifting. The film can also be rented or purchased on several video/streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime, iTunes and Google Play.


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