In what would usually be a case of classic Mets bad luck and ineptitude is now just another entry in what has been a disastrous restart by the MLB. When the New York Mets played the Atlanta Braves on Sunday outfielder Yoenis Cespedes failed to show up, and the team reported that they had not been able to get in contact with him. After the game finished with the Braves winning 4-0, the team reportedly sent a security team to Cespedes’ hotel room to check on him. Cespedes’ manager informed the team that he is opting out of the season.


While this is clearly the least professional way to go about this with Cespedes treating the team like a seventh-grade girlfriend that he doesn’t have the emotional maturity to break up with, it still reflects poorly on the Mets and the league as a whole which is currently hanging by a thread after outbreaks in Marlins and Cardinals clubhouses.


I can’t fault the two-time All-Stars’ decision but this was about the worst way that he could have gone about it. With the way that things are going for the MLB, I can’t see them pushing forward for that much longer unless they blatantly do not care how many people get infected or choose to leave.

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