For years, the city of Boston’s sports have been dominating on all fronts. Whether it’s the New England Patriots under the reign of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, David Ortiz, Mookie Betts and the Boston Red Sox, multiple faces such as Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett or Kyrie Irving running the Celtics, or Brad Marchand with the Boston Bruins, Massachusetts clearly dominates all pro aspects of sports.

No city in all of sports has had three major titles at one time in over 80 years. Boston might break that streak as the Bruins are up 1-0 on the St. Louis Blues in the Stanley Cup Finals. The last time three professional clubs from the same city held the title in the same year was in Detroit in 1935, when the Tigers, Lions and Red Wings were champions, before the NBA was even invented.

But it hasn’t always been like this.

Well before the 2000’s, well before Belichick, Ortiz and Marchand, Boston was cursed. Before 2011, the Bruins hadn’t won a Stanley Cup in 40 years. The Patriots were underdogs dominated by the Buffalo Bills. The Red Sox went 86 years without winning an MLB series before breaking that in 2004.


This year is the 18th time one of Boston’s major four sports team has made it to the finals, and has only lost five of those when appearing at the big stage. The Pats have won six Super Bowls, the Red Sox have won four World Series and the Bruins and Celtics have won one title each.

“It’s great to be a Bostonian,” Bruins captain Zdeno Chara told The Buffalo News. “I’m sure fans are really enjoying these years. I would be, too. I’m a fan of the Pats, Red Sox, Celtics so it’s great to see teams are doing well. For fans, it’s super exciting. It’s pretty cool to have four major sports. Not every city has it and it’s great we show support for each other and fans can enjoy it.”

Some Bostonians have even cursed their very own Celtics because of their lackluster performances in the recent NBA playoffs, denying them a full sweep in professional sports.

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