USA Gymnastics has laid out a tiered system that will be used to pay settlements to survivors of sexual assault by former national team doctor Larry Nassar. The amounts are set to range from $82,550 to $1.25 million.

With a proposed $215 million settlement that USA Gymnastics’ insurance carriers are willing to pay, attorneys of Nassar survivors have said that the amount is insufficient. By agreeing to these settlements, the survivors will release a number of groups of people from further claims, including the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, former USA Gymnastics CEO Steve Penny and former national team directors Bela and Martha Karolyi.


In a disclosure statement obtained by ESPN, 517 survivors of abuse by Nassar or other coaches and trainers would be paid in the following amounts:

  • Women who were sexually abused by Nassar at the Olympics, world championships, national team training camps or other national team events will receive $1,250,757.
  • Non-elite gymnasts sexually abused at USA Gymnastics-sanctioned events are subject to $508,670.
  • Gymnasts abused at non-USA Gymnastics locations will receive $174,401.
  • Individuals with “derivative claims” are subject to $82,550.

Attorney John Manly, who represents more than 180 clients with active claims against USAG, made his disappointment clear on the proposed settlement.

“Let’s be clear for parents considering putting your child in a gym sanctioned by USA Gymnastics. What USA Gymnastics is saying: If we place a known pedophile in that gym and that individual rapes your child, then your child is worth $82,000,” Manly said. “My client Rachael Denhollander asked what is a little girl worth. Apparently if you’re raped by the national team doctor, you’re worth $82,000 to USA Gymnastics.”

“This is the most disgusting, reprehensible, vile view of children I can imagine,” he added.

Nassar is serving a 60-year federal prison sentence for child pornography charges, as well as multiple sentences of over 100 years in Michigan for his sexual assaults.

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