It’s hard to forget the first of its kind Golf pay-per-view event that pitted PGA Tour legends Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods against each other in a winner takes all format. Mickelson defeated Woods to win $9 million during the one-on-one matchup in November 2018 that was held in Las Vegas. Now, the pair hopes to organize a rematch that would also showcase athletes from other sports in some capacity.

CNBC is reportedly the broadcasting partner working with Woods and MickelsonThe network has confirmed other participants involved including Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and said the “match is on and could happen in May” with the possibility of donating proceeds to COVID-19 relief.

“Discussions along these lines have been ongoing for quite some time, but nothing has been approved by the Tour,” the tour said in a statement Wednesday.


The event could take place on Turner Sports’ TNT channel or through another platform within the WarnerMedia company and it’s unlikely to be showcased via pay-per-view. Parties coordinating the event also plan to feature participants from the PGA, NFL and NBA.

Mickelson and Woods previously squared off in an exciting round of golf that included charity shots, betting on individual holes and both golfers being mic’d up throughout the event.

“This is very different than anything golf has ever done in the past,” Woods said of the 2018 event. “We’re able to showcase our sport in such a different light and all the different technologies we’re going to be bringing to this event and to do it differently than any other golfing event has ever been done.”

The match will be reportedly be held in an area without fans with a small production crew present for filming purposes and all participants would be required to stand at least six feet away from each other to adhere to social distancing rules.

The PGA Tour had already postponed the Masters, which was supposed to be begin on April 9, so the largest golf organization is hoping to entertain sports fans in another way as leagues across the world continue to suspend operations amid the spread of coronavirus.


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