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FOX Sports Hires ESPN’s Mark Schlereth As NFL Analyst

July 11, 20170

Mark Schlereth made his debut as an NFL analyst on Fox Sports 1 on Tuesday, the network announced, after spending 16…


ESPN Ranks World’s Most Famous Athletes, LeBron James Is No. 2

May 31, 20170

Using a formula that factors in endorsements, social media followings, and internet search popularity, ESPN‘s analytics team has created a list…


ESPN’s Beth Mowins Will Be First Woman To Call NFL Games Since 1987

May 17, 20170

This fall, ESPN’s Beth Mowins will become the first woman in 30 years to take on play-calling duties for NFL games. ESPN’s…


Tim Tebow Signs Extension As College Football Analyst For ESPN

May 8, 20170

Tim Tebow has been busy lately as a player for the New York Mets’ minor-league team, but it looks like his…


Tennis Announcer Fired For Controversial Venus Williams Comment Sues ESPN For Wrongful Termination

February 15, 20170

The ESPN tennis announcer who was fired last month following backlash over him using racist language to describe Venus Williams’ playing style…


ESPN Drops Commentator Doug Adler Over Venus Williams ‘Gorilla/Guerrilla’ Comment

January 20, 20170

An ESPN commentator has been dropped from coverage of the 2017 Australian Open for his remarks on Venus Williams’ playing style in…


ESPN’s Brent Musburger Makes Cringe-Worthy Comments On Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon’s Violent Incident

January 3, 20170

ESPN play-by-play announcer Brent Musburger decided to give his opinion on Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon during the first quarter of the Sooners’ 35-19…


ESPN’s Jay Williams Rips ‘Spoiled’ Grasyon Allen After Duke Guard Trips Elon Player

December 22, 20160

ESPN’s analysts heavily criticized Grayson Allen after the junior Duke guard blatantly tripped an opponent during the Blue Devils’ game against Elon…


ESPN’s Butch Davis, Former UNC Football Coach, Hired As New FIU Coach

November 15, 20160

Former Miami and North Carolina coach Butch Davis told ESPN on Monday that he is leaving the network immediately to become head…


Randy Moss Scores Two 28-Yard Field Goals Before Broncos-Texans MNF Game

October 26, 20160

Despite playing 14 seasons as a wide receiver in the NFL, Randy Moss may have fared well as a kicker as well,…