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Ric Bucher: Kevin Durant To The Knicks Is Already A Done Deal Full view

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 04: Kevin Durant #35 of the Golden State Warriors claps his hands during their preseason game against the Los Angeles Clippers at ORACLE Arena on October 4, 2016 in Oakland, California.

Ric Bucher: Kevin Durant To The Knicks Is Already A Done Deal

Kevin Durant is not the best but he’s definitely there with the rest of the NBA elites. After leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder and Russell Westbrook, and joining the Golden State Warriors and their already star- studded squad, Durant’s career took a turn for the better. Durant went on lead the Warriors to back-to-back championships, with Durant being named MVP for both of the NBA Finals after he was recognized for his impact on the game.

Durant’s name has been in trade talks and rumors ever since he joined the Warriors. Stories have came out linking him to his friend and fellow player Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, with other reports saying Durant was interested in playing in Houston. These reports came out because the public view on Durant had changed. No one saw him as the type of player to go ring hunting before, but after the move to Golden State, people suspect that anything could be possible.


The reason why people speculate Durant is done with Golden State is because there is little left for him to gain over there. The Warriors without  Durant playing have four other All-stars, ‘All-NBA’ players who are either arguably the best in their position or hold a top five status. The Warriors continue to dominate, and I mean dominate literally every team in the NBA when they’re serious. To make things even worse, the Warriors added All-star center Demarcus Cousins to the roster.

Kevin Durant, The Nba’s New Villian

Durant has also received a lot of backlash since joining the Warriors. A lot of fans saw it as him taking the easy way out in winning a championship. Sports reporters say it’s one of the weakest moves they’ve ever seen a superstar commit. It wasn’t the fact that he wanted to leave, it’s the fact that he wanted to go to the team that literally had the greatest record in the history of the NBA.

Durant has been harshly criticized by fans on social media, so much so he has burner (fake) accounts on social media so he can respond to some of the backlash that he’s getting. So to an extent, Durant realizes he has lost the respect of certain fans, per se.

trouble in paradise

Earlier on in the season, Durant got into a heated argument with teammate Draymond Green on his free agency decision. In the argument you can see Green say, “Go on and leave then, we don’t need you. We won before you got here and we can win without you.”

Another reason why fans believe this to be true is because All-star guard Kyrie Irving was also rumored to be traded, so a lot of turmoil has been happening in Boston. With teammates coming out against Irving’s style of leadership and reports that players don’t like playing with Irving have surfaced, a lot of people speculate he would be leaving too.

Since Irving and Durant are friends many can see why a reunion between the two would be possible. With a big city like New York, a bad team where you can rebuild as well by picking up new pieces, it could be a fresh start for both. Especially without there being too many expectations for either player.

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Written by Elijah Fulton