Duke men’s Basketball team had already received limited edition Kyrie5s in the past, but now they have again been gifted an exclusive color by way of one of their alums, NBA superstar Kyrie Irving. 

Blue Devils Get Kyrie Irving’s New Kicks

Even through Irving only played at Duke for one season, he still has a lot of love for his alma mater. Even through it was short, Irving always showed support for Duke, saying he’s a Blue Devil for life. He often refers to the team as a brotherhood even today.

Irving was also seen showing his love when top recruit and draft prospect Zion Williamson had committed. Duke is 15-2 with the third-best record overall and is ranked second in NCAA AP voting.

While the Blue Devils certainly don’t need any more help, the sneakers are a huge plus. The back of the shoe shows Duke’s signature logo. The sneakers will feature slogans that represent Duke Basketball and Irving, such as “humble,” which could be reflecting on Duke’s attitude after their losses.


Some people thought Duke could go undefeated and possibly even contend against teams in the NBA. The first loss they suffered came at the hands of Gonzaga and was certainly a wake-up call for this group. Overconfidence can always get in the way of talent, especially when the talent happens to be the four out of the top 15 players in high school, all of whom are on the same team.

The other slogan featured on the shoe is “hungry.” This could reflect how Irving feels regarding his career and winning another championship. College playoff time winds down and we’re slowly approaching March Madness: every team wants to go into the postseason feeling hungry and determined.

The shoe’s design features also entail blue flames surrounding the sneaker, symbolizing the Blue Devils’ signature flames. Sadly, this sneaker will only be an exclusive to the men’s team so we won’t get to see any fans wearing it.

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