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Padres’ Manny Machado Welcomed Back To Baltimore With Cheers [VIDEO] Full view

Manny Machado welcomed back to Baltimore with cheers

Padres’ Manny Machado Welcomed Back To Baltimore With Cheers [VIDEO]

After capturing only a scarce 22 wins thus far during the MLB season, Baltimore Oriole fans continue to struggle finding reasons to rise and applaud at the Camden Yards. Although the Orioles themselves offered no reason for it, fans rose to let loose some unfamiliar cheering Tuesday night in response to an all too familiar face’s arrival on the field, former third baseman Manny Machado.

Despite bringing a somewhat disappointing halt to the fireworks, which just his meer presence detonated after a strikeout, Machado’s return momentarily illuminated the lowly Baltimore crowd for perhaps the first time all season. Machado initially found his way out of Baltimore last year when the team sent Machado to the Los Angeles Dodgers just prior to the trade deadline. Since his departure, Baltimore’s worn a paper bag over their heads as arguably the league’s worst team. After his contract expired, Machado surprisingly signed with a dark horse candidate, the San Diego Padres, ending the buzz–filled “Manny sweepstakes” which also rumored more notable teams such as the New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, and the Dodgers as more probable destinations for the four–time All Star. Thanks to his outstanding play more so in Baltimore than anywhere else, Machado eventually inked a monster 10–year, $300 million dollar deal before this season’s commencement.


Machado entered last night’s game hitting .281 with 17 home runs and 49 RBIs. Despite his early strikeout, Machado added to those numbers after lifting a home run into left-center field, something he made a habit of doing during his time wearing Orioles colors, as it rounded out as his 100th home run at Camden Yards. Machado’s home run helped the Padres secure their 39th victory this season, as they defeated Baltimore 8–3. Machado himself finished going 2–4 with a walk and RBI single alongside the home run.

Machado spoke on his return after the game with a smile on his face as he commented, “I guess it’s just good to be back in Baltimore, hitting at this park. It brings back a lot of memories. … Playing here, this is all I’ve known for seven years and to be back here was truly amazing.” Although he refrained to answer a curtain call after his home run, Machado did momentarily illustrate his enjoyment during the affair, acknowledging the crowd with a cap tip and salute during the game’s early stages.

Tuesday night’s game also allowed Machado to continue his hot streak, as he’s not recorded a hit for the 12th consecutive game, while also batting an astonishing .469 since June 13. The Padres will proceed to ride Machado’s success further, as San Diego currently sits two games outside the playoff picture.

Machado will extend his reunion visit for one more day, as the Orioles and Padres will clash once more Wednesday afternoon with first pitch at 3:05 p.m. EST.


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Written by Collin Helwig