The Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather fight is just a few days away and tickets are still being sold on StubHub. And as most expected, the tickets cost a ridiculous amount with ringside seats listed at $351,005.25 and the lowest asking price being $3,837 for upper deck seats.

Needless to say, people will have to shell out a ton of cash if they want to see this legendary fight in person. And recently, ESPN analyst Darren Rovell has been covering any developments in these ticket prices. For instance, “StubHub has sold 347 tickets with a $6,553 per ticket average.”

On top of this, he has reported, with the help of Kyle Jamesthat a single ticket on StubHub sold yesterday for under $41,000.

I guess if I had $41,000 just lying around, I would spend it on this once in a lifetime fight. However, it still pains me to see that much money spent on a single item. Personally, no sporting event is worth more than $200.

As for what the ticket looks like, Rovell just tweeted a picture of them. Does the ticket look like it is worth $41,000? The answer to that question is a resounding no.

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