The Green Bay Packers are off to a terrific 5-1 start this season, and the Aaron Rodgers drama that plagued the team the whole offseason is looking like a distant memory.

However, as soon as the 2021 season ends, last year’s drama might start to pick up steam and that’s because Rodgers still doesn’t seem interested in staying in Green Bay much longer. Rodgers’ frustration with the Packers came to a boiling point in the offseason as his contract was restructured in a way that basically forces the Packers to cut ties with him before 2022.

If Rodgers does end up leaving, there’s one team he definitely won’t be playing for in 2022 – or ever – the Chicago Bears.

During the pre-game press conference on Wednesday, the Packers quarterback was asked if he could ever see himself playing for the Bears, and he did not pause to think about his answer. “No, no,” Rodgers said. “It’s just not going to happen, man.”

The Bears were never a realistic landing spot for Rodgers anyway. The Packers were never going to deal Rodgers within the division, especially to the team’s most hated rival.

But Rodgers doesn’t hate everything about Chicago. He said some kind words about the team’s fans and the city before inevitably saying no.


This news must be a sigh of relief for Packer fans, but right now, the Bears are focused on developing rookie quarterback Justin Fields. Rodgers will be going up against Fields, who will be the eighth Bears quarterback Rodgers has faced in his career.

Even though the Bears won’t even have a glimpse of Rodgers in the orange jersey, they’ll likely be just fine if Fields is able to deliver wins at the quarterback position – a key job that the team has lacked for several decades now.

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