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OPINION: Dave Gettleman Not Right For The Giants – Or Anyone Full view

Giants GM Dave Gettleman diagnosed with lymphoma

OPINION: Dave Gettleman Not Right For The Giants – Or Anyone

Giants fans seemingly woke up one day proudly owning jerseys stitched with the names across the back of players budding with talent and promise, yet by the day’s end, no longer found use for that same game–day apparel, as the team’s roster appeared looted beyond extent.

Although New York’s disappointing play — despite developing a roster flooded with stars — failed to cease since their 2016-17 season playoff berth, an almost entire team recast shocked fans and other executives around the league. Newly hired General Manager Dave Gettleman stands as the puppet master behind the Giants’s fire sale. Although change felt imminent within the organization, whose two recent Super Bowl victories (2007, 2011) feel like ages ago, Gettleman’s approach regarding the team was that of a bratty teenager, looking to get back at his parents by being repulsive, acting radically and arrogantly while only digging himself into a deeper hole.

Although the actions cementing Gettleman as an incompetent manager occurred during the spring, his first questionable move that only teed off a series of head–scratchers occurred amidst the 2018-19 campaign. After an atrocious start, pairing only one win to six losses, the Giants traded the league’s best run–stopper according to Pro–Football Focus, Damon “Snacks” Harrison, for only a fifth-round pick to the Detroit Lions. While the team required change after yet another disaster season appeared inevitable, trading a team captain playing at a first team all–pro level for just a fifth-round pick illustrates Gettleman’s radical and idiotic tunnel vision, throwing away great players while getting little in return. Only getting started at this point, Gettleman soon would throw away further assets, as the lost executive would act as if trying to clean up a flood by proceeding to sell a mop, only for money to buy a singular paper towel.

Come March, Gettleman sat ready to further irritate those rooting on behalf of their beloved Giants, while opposing general managers surrounded New York like sharks, waiting to profit from Gettleman’s next mistake. Perhaps Gettleman’s most glaring failure occurred March 5, 2019, as he refused to re–sign another team captain, starting safety Landon Collins. After only playing four years in the NFL, Collins put up remarkable numbers, leading the team in tackles the last three years, achieving multiple Pro–Bowl honors, and earning a spot as a finalist for the 2017 Defensive Player of the Year award. Despite Collins’s dominance on the field and integrity illustrated both inside and outside the locker room, Gettleman let the young superstar walk freely, claiming the price for Collins stood too steep. Although the numbers prove Collins worthy to ink a max deal, Gettleman failed to see the upside, and by not offering Collins a contact not only cost his team a top-tier player coming into his prime, but also a draft pick, as a New York would have been rewarded a compensatory third rounder had they even offered Collins a contract of any level.


Days later, Gettleman continued his roster tear up, trading the team’s best player, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. This stands as yet another case where Gettleman disposed a team–saving talent for assets with far less value, as New York only got pick 17, pick 95, and Safety Jabrill PeppersBeckham, who the inked a record–breaking deal to stay in New York months ago, departed the “Big Apple” for Cleveland, remaining signed to a deal that New York will continue to pay thanks to Gettleman’s trade decisions. As a universally agreed top five receiver, Beckham also put up historic numbers in New York, playing on pace to record the most catches and yards ever prior to a leg injury which ended his 2017-18 season early. Although Beckham often ran hot on the field, showing emotion and dancing, it only illustrated his burning desire to win, which Gettleman failed to comprehend. Almost any trade where a generational talent leaves in exchange for mediocre assets, while also taking a $20 million dollar cap hit after said trade, should result in one’s immediate dismissal from their job.

As if the team required further damage dealt from Gettleman’s treacherous iron fist, the executive left fans even further embarrassed and confused after drafting Duke quarterback Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick this year. Gettleman’s insensibility regarding the draft appeared clear when reports illustrated the lack of interest Jones drew around the league despite New York’s premature selection. Most experts believe New York could’ve picked the North Carolina native with their 17– pick slot, or even during the second round. Jones now accompanies another Gettleman quarterback mistake in Eli Manning, as his refusal to part ways with the deteriorating quarterback eats up further cap space, hurting the team financially .


Gettleman’s history containing unintelligent mistakes and managerial flaws continues to blossom, likely to expand with additional reasons, thus causing Giants fans to pull their hair out in frustration. Behind Gettleman, the Giants continue to mold into an organization incorporating lopsided trades, fumbling the budget, and giving up all–time great talent. Although New York’s offensive line’s apparent restructure appears as a small silver lining, the bonehead mistakes overshadow MetLife Stadium as a fat, dark raincloud. This episode in New York only stands as a sequel, however, as Gettleman’s similar mistakes led to his firing from the Caroline Panthers general manager position. Giants fans can only hope Gettleman gets the call to clean out his New York office next sooner rather than later, before his inadequacy sets the franchise further ablaze.

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Written by Collin Helwig