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Get the Gear: MLB All-Star Hats Create Buzz, USA Baseball Apparel For Around $15 MLB Vintage Hats - MLB Vintage Hats Full view

MLB Vintage Hats

Get the Gear: MLB All-Star Hats Create Buzz, USA Baseball Apparel For Around $15

With Major League Baseball’s 87th All-Star Game officially in the books, all the buzz around the water cooler is about the star of this year’s show.

Nope, it wasn’t Eric Hosmer or David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz.

Get the Gear: MLB All-Star Hats Create Buzz, USA Baseball Apparel

It was the custom hats the All-Stars donned in San Diego.

A day after the home run derby hats and jerseys were met with mixed reviews, (we at uGear happened to love them) the crowns designed for the main event took center stage and they did not disappoint.


These official All-Star Game lids, a spitting image-replica of the 59FIFTY version that were worn on the field, give you the authentic look without the inflated price.

The snowy, charcoal and white pattern on the bill show a kind of style that is not common to lids worn during the game and shop.mlb.com has an option for every team, that way you can customize your All-Star flex-fit.

Some of the clubs, like the Milwaukee Brewers, add a touch of throwback flair in tune with the brown and mustard throwbacks that once were an eye sore in San Diego. Now they are the colors that represent both the American and National Leagues.

At $31.99, don’t let this juicy deal hit the catcher’s mitt. Get it here

Now, just over three weeks from the opening ceremonies in Rio, baseball fans have been scouring the globe for gear to represent the red, white and blue on the baseball diamond in Brazil.

The wait is over.

In an attempt to market some newer, higher-ticket items, there are a couple steals to be had in terms of USA Baseball.


It may be a holdover from the WBC, but no one will care while you are the only one properly fitted for the Summer Olympic festivities.

And since shop.mlb.com has to move these items asap, the price is like a hanging curve just waiting to be parked.

The simple, New Era design, includes a red bill, navy crown and the signature USA Baseball insignia sits prominently on the front. And at $17.99 you won’t have to pick up a summer job just to afford it.

Get it Here


If you’re going to wear the hat, why not add the shirt to match?

The Majestic Red Baseball Tee has the USA Baseball logo splashed across the front and offers another option to get in a Patriotic mood this August.

Another simple design, likely also a holdover from the last WBC, this tee cost pennies when compared to its counterparts.

There is no reason not to add this item to your locker when it ships for free, in one day and costs just $12.99 Get it Here


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Written by Kevin Xavier