UCLA student Danny Siegel is running for USAC General Representative. And to get his name out there, he decided to create a campaign video, which just happens to have superstar linebacker Myles Jack in it.

But not only is the linebacker present, the candidate also willingly takes a hit from him. And not just a one-on-one bull in the ring type of hit: he allows Jack to get a running start on him.

And what happens is absolutely priceless. Siegel remains on the floor — contemplating why he just did that — and Jack tells the camera to vote for his friend because “if this guy can take a hit from me, he can definitely be your next gen rep.”


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Now, while I do not condone political officials being elected for their ability to take a hit, I am completely for these videos being made. Imagine, your local representative put into an armbar by Ronda Rousey or taking a vicious hit from Ray Lewis.

Myles Jack had 164 total tackles, one sack and one interception during his 2014 campaign.

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