Colin Morikawa won his second major at the British Open 2021, notably beating three other former major winners: Jordan SpiethLouis Oosthuizen and Jon Rahm. This win came in Morikawa’s first-ever trip to this golf tournament, the oldest tournament in the world.

This major has the oldest average age for a champion over the last decade, but the young Morikawa did not seem phased. Over the last 30 holes, Morikawa capitalized with eight birdies and not a single bogey.

Morikawa is known as one of the best iron players in the world, despite still only being 24 years old. He hit 75% of greens in regulation.

Morikawa never pulled away by a comfortable margin as Spieth was always right behind him. Despite this pressure, Morikawa was able to sink impressive puts on holes 10, 14 and 15 in the final round.

“Everything about my stats say I’m not a good putter statistically. I feel like I can get a lot better. But in these situations, I feel like everything is thrown off the table. Forget about all your stats, who can perform well in these situations. That’s why I think, over the past few majors, you’ve seen a lot of the same names up there because they believe in their game, they know what they’re doing when they practice, and they’re able to bring it out in these big moments,” said Morikawa about his clutch shots on the green.

Spieth commended Morikawa on his ability to handle the big moments. “I think what’s interesting with Collin, too … his other wins had come with little to no crowds … and then some with modified crowds. Then you step into 35,000 and holding a lead down the stretch, I think is really impressive considering that’s not only his first Open Championship, but given the timing of when he’s been out here,” Spieth said. “He spent a year, year and a half of that in essentially a crowd-less environment, and this is harder. It’s harder with big crowds. You feel it more. You know where you are. It’s a bigger stage. I think that’s impressive.”

Morikawa has been remarkably impressive in what is just the mere beginning of his career. Morikawa has reached several milestones such as becoming just the fourth American to win The Open before the age of 25, joining Spieth, Bobby Jones and Tiger Woods. 

Morikawa has received high praise and little criticism. His innocent manner and kid-like enthusiasm have earned him plenty of support. Morikawa’s youth is visible in his aggressive swing and style and he never seems to second guess himself.

Morikawa discussed his immediate pro success: “I think when you make history — and I’m 24 years old — it’s hard to grasp, and it’s hard to really take it in. At 24 years old, it’s so hard to look back at the two short years that I have been a pro and see what I’ve done because I want more. I enjoy these moments and I love it, and I want to teach myself to embrace it a little more, maybe spend a few extra days and sit back and drink out of this jug.”

“I just want more. When you’re in these moments and you truly love what you do, which I love playing golf and competing against these guys, these are the best moments ever because the nerves push you to just be a better person.”

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