It may seem like the Philadelphia Eagles are in a bit of a slump. They are. After winning their first Super Bowl since the championship was invented in 1967, the Eagles have gone a relatively unimpressive 6-6. It should be noted that they’re in the NFC East, which hasn’t had a repeat champion since 2004.

Eagles May Still Have A Shot At Postseason

But contradicting logic might be the one thing this Philly team does best. Quarterback Carson Wentz led to the team to an 11-2 record in his sophomore year before having his knee crushed between two Rams defenders. Wentz did this all while avoiding a sophomore slump, throwing for 3,296 yards and 33 touchdowns before his season ended. Then, the team went on to win its first Super Bowl on the back of Nick Foles, the unimpressive journeyman quarterback the team had traded away in 2015. They did this all while facing the 13-3 Minnesota Vikings and then the five-time champion New England Patriots.

And while this season may seem like a wash, signs are pointing upwards for the team. After falling to 4-6, the team responded with its first win streak of the season. The most recent game featured Washington Redskins QB Mark Sanchez recovering a fumble with his butt and the 33-year old Adrian Peterson unleashing a 90-yard touchdown rush.


Wentz might not seem like the athletic player he used to be, but he seems to be slowly regaining it. On Monday night, he made play after play while scrambling and improvising.

ESPN currently predicts that the Eagles have only a 17.8% chance to make the playoffs. But their division is led by the 7-5 Dallas Cowboys, who are incredibly uninspiring and have a head coach who seems to be a lame duck. Next week the Eagles and Dallas face off in a game that could very well decide the division. However, logic doesn’t seem to apply to Philly, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re playing in January.

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