The New England Patriots (7-2) brought the house 31-17 to the Green Bay Packers (3-4-1) in typical whirlwind fashion on Sunday.

Patriots Dance Around Packers, Dust Off Rodgers

Year after year, week after week, the New England Patriots find some remarkable, innovative, or simply throttling way to win a football game. This time, Tom Brady and company did it against the great Aaron Rodgers, toying around with a struggling team with injuries all across the board, leaving Rodgers and his squad fruitless and in the midst of a crumbling season.

The Patriots, once again, have regained midseason form, and seem to be sharpening their swords in preparation for another deep playoff run. They busted out a new tactic, “hyper-warp-speed” as announcer Cris Collinsworth called it, employing a rapid no-huddle attack on the first drive of the game, ending in a touchdown by running back James Whiteonly about three minutes into the duel. White made three catches for 27 yards and ran in the touchdown from eight yards out on that drive, setting the tone for what was a difficult day for containment for Green Bay.

The highlight of the night came from a Bill Belichick special — a trick play involving a throw from wide receiver Julian Edelman, a former college quarterback. Brady slung a screen pass to Edelman, who surveyed the field, and elected to loft the ball over to White for 37 yards, who then finished the drive off with another score.

It wasn’t domination all around for the Pats, however. The Packers kept it tight all through three quarters, thanks to some spectacular throws by Rodgers, and rigidity from the defense. But the Patriots did their thing in the fourth as usual, taking advantage of a fumble and icing Rodgers on a fourth-down conversion attempt.


The saga continues for New England, a team that manages to consistently find a way to take control of each game they compete in, and the league at large.

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