NBA commissioner Adam Silver has apologized to Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri for his past comments regarding a 2019 incident.

Silvers’ past comments seemingly blamed Ujiri for an altercation with a police officer during the 2019 NBA Finals. During a fall interview in 2019, Silver said that Ujiri should avoid situations like the altercation that occurred.

When Silver spoke to Sportsnets’ Michael Grange about the comments, the commissioner said, “When I watch that last bit of the interview, in light of what we now know, I would love to take those words back. [Masai] and I at this point have probably talked about that night 100 times since then. He has my full and unequivocal support. I apologize to Masai for what I said in that interview…. believe me, when I look at that now, I cringe when I watch it.”

Alameda County Sheriff deputy Alan Strickland alleged that Ujiri assaulted him when the executive attempted to go on the court after the team won game six of the 2019 NBA Finals. Strickland later sued the Raptors executive, claiming that the executive had struck him in the arm and shoulder.

Body camera footage revealed that it was Strickland who caused the contact after the executive attempted to show his credentials to the deputy. The footage showed Strickland shoving the executive twice. Ujiri countersued the sheriff deputy, but both lawsuits were dropped earlier this month.

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