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Moose Weekes, Harlem Globetrotters Star, Discusses His Weekly Training Routine [VIDEO EXCLUSIVE]

May 19, 20170

Harlem Globetrotter Moose Weekes On His Workout… by uSports Harlem Globetrotter Alex “Moose” Weekes sat down with uSports for an exclusive interview…


Moose Weekes, Harlem Globetrotter, On How He Got His Basketball Start, Signature Move [Video Exclusive]

April 5, 20170

Moose Weekes On Harlem Globetrotters, Basketball by uSports “Intensity is what it’s all about!” These are some of the words…


OPINION: Seemingly Unreasonable Contract Guarantees For NBA Players Are Fair

July 9, 20160

The value of a franchise player is like an intangible asset in business, you can’t put a price on him,…


Facebook Pushes Against Meme Featuring Darsh Singh

December 9, 20150

Last week, an image of a basketball player wearing a turban made its way around Facebook. Now one user is…


NBA Legend Darryl Dawkins Passes Away at 58

August 27, 20150

The basketball world is in mourning with the loss of legendary dunker Darryl Dawkins, who passed away earlier today in…


Yiliang Peng Injures Pinky, Forced To Sit Out League Of Legends Championship

June 19, 20150

In a case of man bites dog weirdness this week, we have perhaps the first physical injury to an eSports…


2015 NBA Finals: Warriors Take Game 5, One Victory Away From A Title

June 15, 20150

The Golden State Warriors took advantage of their home court and exploded on offense in the 4th quarter to win…


2015 NBA Finals: Cavaliers Eke Out Scrappy Game 2 Victory

June 8, 20150

After losing Kyrie Irving for the remainder of the playoffs to injury in overtime of Game 1, the Cleveland Cavaliers…


NBA Finals: Game One Recap

June 5, 20150

Last night’s Game 1 of the NBA Finals was a close one. Four quarters wasn’t enough to settle the action…


Chicago Bulls Reportedly Set to Hire Iowa State Head Coach Fred Hoiberg

June 1, 20150

The Chicago Bulls and Fred Hoiberg, the head coach of Iowa State’s men’s basketball team, are working towards an agreement…