UFC and mixed martial arts fighter Irwin Rivera is being held in the Palm Beach County Jail. Rivera is accused of stabbing his two sisters early Thursday morning. The 31-year-old fighter is facing two counts of attempted murder.

An arrest report said multiple neighbors and one of the victims called 911 early Thursday morning to report the stabbing.

Arriving officers at the scene reported that they found a 22-year-old woman next to the road with multiple stab wounds in her back, arm and head while covered in blood. The victim told the officers that her brother stabbed her. She further told officers that her sister was still inside the house. Officers found a 33-year-old woman with multiple stab wounds.

The older sister suffered two collapsed lungs from the attack and was taken to the Delray Medical Center. The identities of the sisters were not released. The Boynton Beach Police said one victim is in stable condition, the other is in critical condition.

The women told investigators that they were visiting their brother in his home and stayed the night in his spare guest room. Investigators were told that they woke up to Rivera stabbing them with a knife. Police were told by the woman they attempted to fight back, but he kept stabbing them. Fortunately, the younger sister was able to run away and called the police.

Neighbors told the police that they were woken by a loud banging sound at their front door. They opened the door to find a woman covered in blood and frantically begging for help. The arrest report said the woman told neighbors, “He’s trying to kill me! Please help my sister.” The report added that neighbors saw Rivera covered in blood walking by.

Rivera reportedly shouted at neighbors, “Shut the door,” and then, “everything is ok.” The UFC fighter reportedly took off when he saw neighbors on the phone.

Rivera was found by Delray Beach Police at around 7 a.m. He reportedly told police, “I killed my sisters.”

The fighter was taken to the Boynton Beach Police Department, where he gave a police statement. He admitted to stabbing his sisters. Investigators were told by the MMA fighter that he used a brass knuckle knife to stab his sister because a “higher power” told him to do so.

A statement released by the UFC regarding the incident said, “UFC is aware of the recent incident involving Irwin Rivera and subsequently received information from his management that he has been exhibiting behavior consistent with mental health issues.”

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