Tom Brady, who is recovering from an offseason knee surgery, is looking great. The 43-year-old quarterback said that the surgery was a success, and he is ready to return for training camp.

Brady is fresh off his record-breaking seventh Super Bowl win over the Kansas City Chiefs earlier in the year. Brady’s first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was a massive success as he led the team to their second franchise Super Bowl win.

Following Tampa’s Super Bowl win, Brady announced that he would be undergoing knee surgery to “clean up” a few things. However, it was later reported that the surgery was more than a “cleanup” in his knee. Brady’s exact procedure is not known because he did not tell the media or anybody. It has remained a secret so far.

During the quarterback’s Sunday appearance at coach Bruce Arians‘ Family Foundation gala, it seemed like Brady was doing well and was fully recovered. Brady then told ESPN that the surgery was a success and that he will be ready to play. “I feel pretty good, and I push myself pretty hard,” Brady said. “I don’t know if I could go this week, but we’ll see how things play out.”

The Bucs’ quarterback talked about how the rehab was going well. “None of that is fun, but looking forward to getting back to real training and stuff, which is hopefully here pretty soon,” Brady said. “I’m cool with it. It’s just part of what you deal with. Things come up. You deal with them the best way you can, with the best opportunity to improve. I’m definitely feeling a lot better than I did six or seven weeks ago.”

Tampa Bay is among the many NFL teams that opted out of participating in in-person workouts.

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