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Pete Carroll Is Happy With Seahawks’ Changes, Calls Russell Wilson Joining Yankees ‘Awesome’

March 2, 20180

Pete Caroll said he believes the big changes the Seattle Seahawks have undertaken this offseason are an effective way to re-establish…


Russell Wilson On Teammate Michael Bennett’s Incident With Vegas Police: ‘It’s A Matter Of Life Or Death’

September 7, 20170

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson spoke out Thursday about an incident between teammate Michael Bennett and Las Vegas police that occurred last month, calling…


Seahawks’ Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett Deny ESPN Report Claiming Rift With Russell Wilson

May 27, 20170

Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett have vehemently denied a recent ESPN article that alleged they and other Seattle Seahawks defenseman still hold a…


Russell Wilson Has Ankle Injury, But Plans On Playing Sunday Vs Rams

September 13, 20160

Russell Wilson delivered on Sunday, throwing a last-minute touchdown pass to lead the Seattle Seahawks to a 12-10, season-opening home victory…


Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Wants SuperSonics Back in Seattle

May 5, 20160

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, 27, made a request directed at the NBA and the Seattle City Council on Tuesday night. Seahawks…


Seattle Seahawks Concerned That Russell Wilson Is Too Much Of A Celebrity

November 23, 20150

Less than two years ago, Russell Wilson was lifting the Lombardi Trophy as a Super Bowl Champion. Now he’s in…


Russell Wilson Throws Light Jab At Seattle Seahawks

June 24, 20150

The soft spoken Russell Wilson recently appeared on North Carolina’s 99.9 The Fan, a radio station near NC State, which…


Russell Wilson Takes Out Insurance Policy After Contract Talks Dwindle

June 17, 20150

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl winning quarterback, has decided to take out an insurance policy, worth millions, to protect…


New ‘Entourage’ Trailer Shows Ronda Rousey And Tons Of Other Athletes

March 25, 20150

The latest trailer for the unnecessary Entourage movie has just dropped and it contains exactly what fans come to expect: Vince tries…


Yes, the Seahawks’ Last Play Call Was Awful, One Of The Biggest Chokes In Sports History

February 2, 20150

We’re here to confirm what you already know: the Seattle Seahawks’ play call on 2nd and goal in the final…