It’s been so painful for Denver Broncos fans that it wasn’t worth them to stay another quarter in a tie game on Thursday Night Football.

But it turns out it was the right decision. 

All night, it was a painfully bad offensive display from both the Broncos and the Indianapolis Colts.

There were a total of four turnovers committed in the game by both sides and not a single touchdown was registered.

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But what exactly led to fans leaving the game in the fourth quarter? 

Well, it’s probably a combination of multiple things.

This year, the Broncos rank 31st out of 32 teams in points per game, according to TeamRankings.

The only team behind them? You might be stunned to find out after last night’s masterpiece – but it’s the Colts.

Despite the lack of offense, the Broncos were in a great position to win the game.

The team was in the red zone with a 9-6 lead with just over two minutes left.

The Colts have no timeouts so you can either get a first down or take a field goal, which would have forced a touchdown to be scored.

Instead, on a third and four, quarterback Russell Wilson threw an interception in the end zone – giving the Colts a chance to march down the field and at least tie the game.

And that’s exactly what happened.

The Colts kicked a field goal with five seconds left and the cameras shortly after showed a ton of Broncos fans heading for the exits.

So, in combination of brutal offensive display this season in addition to Thursday night’s fiasco, fans had enough.

And it’s almost as if they knew that it wouldn’t get any better if they stayed.

After they left, the Colts marched down the field for another three points.

While the Broncos did the same, head coach Nathaniel Hackett decided to go for it on a fourth and short in the red zone and win the game instead of tying it.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that call because the game may end with a tie or a Colts win since there were only about two minutes left in the overtime period if the Broncos decided to kick the field goal.

But some argue the Broncos should have tried running the football again.

Meanwhile, on a passing play, Wilson wound up missing a wide-open KJ Hamler in the end zone and threw an incomplete pass into coverage when it was too late. 

Now the Broncos are 2-3 and the fans have lost all confidence in Wilson and the Bronco’s offense. 

In the offseason, the Broncos acquired Wilson in a package that included sending two first and second-round picks. 

So far, the trade has been a nightmare for the organization. 

Wilson will need to return to that 30-40 touchdown guy he once was. 

But four touchdowns in five games with a completion percentage of only 59.4 percent won’t cut it.    

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