As if his recent on-field struggles weren’t troubling enough, Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson was recently criticized by an old teammate for his personality in the locker room.

Former Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson is predicting a mutiny in Denver’s locker room due to Wilson’s passive demeanor.

“If you’re a teammate in that locker room, you’re like, be human! Please! Call somebody out! Be upset about something! Don’t just act like this is just business as usual!” Robinson said on NFL Network’s Total Access Tuesday. “Because at the end of the day, I think it’s on the horizon for this team — I hope it’s not — but I think it’s on the horizon: Mutiny is afoot.”

Robinson went on to say that his former quarterback, who signed a $245 million contract with Denver last offseason, is sure to anger his teammates by failing to demonstrate a competitive edge in the face of a disappointing 2-4 start.

The retired fullback predicted that teammates in the locker room will begin to interpret Wilson’s attitude as non-caring.

“How can you stand up there, you know the offense looks like this, you know all these questions around here about you and the offense, and you just say, ‘We need to execute better, let’s ride,’” Robinson said.

Following his departure from Seattle after 10 seasons and a Super Bowl victory, many expected the Broncos to become an instant contender. The team hasn’t come close to meeting those expectations, however, as their offense has been noticeably stagnant in multiple primetime games.

Robinson may be Wilson’s most outspoken former teammate in recent days, but he is not the only one criticizing the quarterback.

Former Seahawks stars Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch criticized his personality on Sherman’s podcast Tuesday. Sherman claimed that Wilson did not make himself available to his former teammates, and Lynch said that he resents Wilson for never giving him his personal phone number.

“If I can’t call you direct, I ain’t calling you — especially if I went to war with you,” Lynch said.

Sherman also said that Wilson and the Broncos were on “the struggle bus,” referring to the team’s 2022 performance and potential locker room issues.

In the past, Wilson has been able to silence many of his critics on the field, where he has always earned his large contracts with superior quarterback play. This season has marked a deviation from that trend thus far.

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