It’s an absolute fiesta for Spurs fans as they have finally gotten their wish. For years now, fans of the San Antonio Spurs have longed for a “fiesta jersey” to be created.


San Antonio announced the introduction of the new fiesta jerseys that will be the Nike “City Edition” line of special jerseys. The jersey is a throwback to the fiesta colors used by the team in the 1990s. It also will be different from the military camouflage jerseys they use for the Nike “City Edition.” Ever since 2013, the Nike “City Edition” jerseys have been decorated with camouflage to pay homage to San Antonio status as a “military city.”

The fiesta jersey colors were used by the San Antonio Spurs throughout the 1990s and were primarily seen on their warmup jackets in the 1990s. It was also seen on the Alamodome court where the Spurs played from 1993-2002 before moving to AT&T Arena where they currently play. The fiesta colors were prominent as the old Spurs logo was dabbed in bright colors from 1993-2002.

Since then, fans have been clamoring for the team to introduce jerseys with the bright fiesta colors again. The team has taken notice and has been teasing fans for this with various Twitter memes to bait them.

A few hours before the announcement of the fiesta city jerseys for next season, the team tweeted out another tease.

Fans will be able to preorder the jerseys starting on December 9.

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