Rudy Giuliani spent a good part of May in the news for all the wrong reasons. From bumbling about Donald Trump‘s hush money given out to Stormy Daniels on national television to his urging the president not to fire Jeff Sessions, the former New York City mayor hasn’t been very popular as of late.

This disdain from much of the general public came to a head during a game at Yankee Stadium on Monday, when fans throughout the ballpark booed as the announcer revealed that it was Giuliani’s 74th birthday. The best part? Giuliani was in the stadium, so those boos were showered upon him in person.

While this would likely rattle most sane people, Giuliani seems to be okay with it, even going so far as to tell a TMZ Sports reporter that he knows Yankee fans and that the boos were “out of love,” because that’s apparently how New Yorkers show their affection.

Sure, Rudy, whatever you need to tell yourself to feel like New Yorkers like you.

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