The center of the universe, Rex Ryan, is in the media spotlight again, after he made fun of Tom Brady’s opening pitch at Fenway Park. While it was not as bad as 50 Cent’s throw, it did not exactly reach the plate.

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So of course when the Bills head coach came to the podium yesterday, he had to throw a few jabs at the QB. If one could take anything from his tenure in New York, Ryan does not shy away from making a few Brady jokes.

“I think there’s an obvious thing that we should talk about first,” Ryan stated during his seemingly normal press conference. “My pitch actually made it to the plate. It was a little wide, but I understand somebody bounced it — I’m not sure who it was — but Tom needs to keep his elbow up a little bit more, I think.” He is of course talking about his opening pitch during the Buffalo Bisons Triple-A game.

Afterwards, he suggested Brady should have taken a few practice throws before he went there. However, later in the press conference, he described his admiration for the four-time Super Bowl winning QB.

“Brady is funny because here is a guy who is first-ballot Hall of Famer,” Ryan said. “If he ever does something wrong, yes, I’ll be all over him. But that doesn’t happen very often. So that was a given, you know I was going to say something there.”

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