The NFL schedule has been released and with that, it means that fans can start buying tickets for the 2020 season. Over the course of the next few weeks, we here at uSports will be dissecting the regular season schedules of each of the NFL teams, and tell you what games you are going to want to attend.


The Jets last season at times played well but could string together enough good games in a row, as they went 7-9. They were able to beat the Cowboys for their first win of the year last season in Week 6, but they also lost to the Bengals in a 22-6 blowout. The Bengals mind you had two wins all season. There is some drama surrounding this team as star safety Jamal Adams has requested a trade from the team and at the time of this writing, he has yet to be traded. There were rumors surrounding Le’Veon Bell and the possibility of him being traded. Adam Gase is on the hot seat given how well received he is by his team and his lack of chemistry with some of the stars on the Jets roster. Sam Darnold is entering his third season which is somewhat make or break for him given his not so great play through two seasons. Not to mention, the Jets took Mekhi Becton with the 11th overall pick in the 2020 draft, ahead of Tristain Wirfs, Jerry Jeudy and CeeDee Lamb, among others. The Jets’ defense is questionable to say the least. C.J. Mosley under performed last year, Quinnen Williams in his rookie year left a lot to be desired. They did allow the second fewest rushing yards per game, but their pass defense was in the bottom half of the NFL. It will be on Gase to not sour on more relationships on his team, for his sake in terms of his job, and for the sake of the team’s success.

Full N.Y. Jets Schedule:

Week 1: at Buffalo Bills

Week 2: vs. San Francisco 49ers

Week 3: at Indianapolis Colts

Week 4: vs. Denver Broncos

Week 5: vs. Arizona Cardinals

Week 6: at Los Angeles Chargers

Week 7: vs. Buffalo Bills

Week 8: at Kansas City Chiefs

Week 9: vs. New England Patriots

Week 10: at Miami Dolphins

Week 11: BYE

Week 12: vs. Miami Dolphins

Week 13: vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Week 14: at Seattle Seahawks

Week 15: at Los Angeles Rams

Week 16: vs. Cleveland Browns

Week 17: at New England Patriots

A few weeks ago when the schedules for the 2020 NFL season initially came out, I mentioned that the Jets have the hardest schedule of any team, and I stand by that statement, especially now with the uncertainty surrounding their roster, these games become all the more difficult. Outside of maybe three of four games, there are not a whole lot of games I can see the Jets winning. I can see them beating the Patriots at least once and beating the Dolphins at least once, and then I can see them pulling one out against the Raiders since that one is at home, but after that, they will most likely be the underdog in the majority of their games unless there is some crazy injury or something along those lines for their opponent. Looking at the games prior to their bye week, there is really not a lot of hope for this team to get off to a hot start. I can honestly see them going 0-8 until their Week 9 matchup against the Patriots. The Jets will play the favorites to win the AFC East in the Bill twice, the reigning NFC and AFC champions in the 49ers and Chiefs, the latter of those two games being on the road, they will also play the Colts, Broncos, Cardinals and Chargers, all of whom look to be much improved for a year ago. That is the thing for the Jets, it is not like they have an extremely bad roster, it is just that all the teams on their schedule for the most part either got significantly better, or were so far ahead of the Jets in terms of talent that they wouldn’t need to improve to beat them. Heading into their bye, the Jets will play the Patriots and Dolphins which could be some winnable games as I mentioned, but they are certainly not guarantees, so don’t be surprised if Gase no longer has his job entering Week 12. After their bye week, They have once again two “easier” games in theory in the Dolphins and Raiders at home, but they will not be cake walks once again. Then they will be going out west to play the Seahawks and Rams, the only way I can see the Jets winning either of these two games is if one or both of these teams have either clinched their spot in the playoffs and have nothing else to fight for in terms of seeding that they are resting all their players, or they are so far out of it that they are trying to lose on purpose. That game against Cleveland in Week 16 is one I am eager to see because this could be a game that the Browns might need to get into the playoffs and could underestimate their opponents, which could be just what the Jets need to win. By this point in the season, however, if the Jets are as bad as I think they will be in terms of their record, they might just be trying to lose so that they can get yet another top-3 draft pick and have a shot at either Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields to be the replacement to Darnold and I can see this being the same case for Week 17.

Given the absence of sports in recent months and how close I live to East Rutherford, I will try to make it to at least one Jets game this season, regardless of whether or not I think the Jets will win because this season could truly go one of two ways, really bad, or better than expected. Here are the five Jets games I think you should go to in 2020:

  • Week 1: Jets at Bills
  • Week 9: Patriots at Jets
  • Week 12: Dolphins at Jets
  • Week 13: Raiders at Jets
  • Week 16: Browns at Jets

Starting off against Week 1 against the Bills, I would want to go to this game for one simple reason. That reason is that how the Jets perform in this one game, will set the entire stage for their 2020 season. If they win, or even lose in a close game and show signs of having a chance, there can be some hope amongst fans for success in 2020. If the Jets get beat by two or more scores, then I would have to say that it would be yet another long season for fans of the team. Week 9 against New England, as the Jets approach their bye week, they will have an opportunity to enter that bye with two more wins, starting with the Patriots in Week 9. The Patriots are the worst team on paper, as I previously mentioned, from a year ago. The Jets definitely have a chance of winning and this could be an opportunity to turn their season around. Weeks 12 and 13 against the Dolphins and Raiders have similar reasons for me wanting to watch them and that is because since they are he first two games following the Jets’ bye week, if there are significant changes to the coaching staff and/or the roster during that bye week, these will be great opportunities if these are long-term changes, or just band-aids to tie things over until the offseason. Finally, Week 16 against the Browns, this game could have a lot riding on it for the playoff picture, the draft order, and the future of both of these franchises. Like I mentioned earlier, the Browns project to be fighting for a playoff spot at this point in the year and this game will be a great opportunity to wrap up their spot in the postseason for the first time in forever. On the flip side the Jets at this point could potentially be losing intentionally for a higher draft pick and a win would certainly change that. This game could also be one where guys like Gase and Darnold on the Jets side could lose their jobs, if they haven’t already, because of the team’s poor performance during the 2020 season. Safe to say this game could have a lot more than what meets the eye.


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