Over the past few years, the Los Angeles Rams have had plenty of time to re-brand themselves since the team relocated back in 2016. On March 7, the Rams release a video on Twitter of the team removing the iconic Rams logo. The next day a new logo was leaked on a hat for the team – it did not go over well on Twitter.

The embroidered logo on the hat has not been confirmed as the new one, and many fans hope that it is not the real deal. The leaked logo has drawn comparisons to the Los Angeles Chargers’ logo.


The Rams’ organization has been working hard to rebrand the team. Yet, no one has been working harder within the organization than the Rams Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff. Demoff has been very open about the process of rebranding the team. However, the COO was surprisingly quiet during the meltdown from the Rams fanbase after the logo leak. On Monday, Demoff dove into the Twitter frenzy by tweeting a gif of Anchorman with white lettering saying, “Boy, that escalated quickly.”

The drama about the new logo has yet to calm down for the Rams’ organization. They are getting calls from fans insisting that they change the logo back. The organization has until March 12 to finalize any rebranding for the team.

The Rams logo has become iconic over the decades in the league. When the team was in Cleveland, they were the first team to have a design on their helmets back in the 1948 season. Before the start of the season, Rams halfback Fred Gehrke painted horns on the team’s plain helmet.

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