On Tuesday, Major League Baseball sent the first volley in what looks to be a long rally between the league and the MLB Players Association as to how to start the season from an economic standpoint. MLB’s initial proposal stated that there would be significant pay cuts for the 2020 season. Safe to say that the MLBPA did not like that. On Wednesday, the player’s union responded.

On Wednesday, it came out that the MLBPA are seeking full prorated salaries as well as 100+ games played in the 2020 season. This wouldn’t be a counter offer to MLB’s primary offer – instead the union will be completely disregarding the league’s offer.

In a post on Twitter, Max Scherzer, who is one of eight players on a subcommittee with the player’s union, came out and said that the MLBPA will not be accepting the league’s offer and will continue in the pursuit of prorated salaries. “After discussing the latest developments with the rest of the players there’s no need to engage with MLB in any further compensation reductions.”


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The league has been eyeing to start its season in July following a three week ‘spring’ training. The longer these negotiations get drawn out, it becomes less and less likely as too when we will see baseball be played this year as it seems both sides have dug their heels in and have no plans of budging.


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