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Twins' Miguel Sano arrested after incident with police (Wikipedia: Keith Allison)

Minnesota Twins 2019 Season Tickets On Sale [DATES & TICKET INFO]

The Minnesota Twins are the most exciting team in baseball right now. They’re second in team batting average as well as first in team slugging percentage and OPS.

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They’ve also got first place in the AL Central locked up by two games and have the most fun player to root for in the division with Astudillo “La Tortuga” Willians, who has prompted one of the greatest websites in baseball history.

Their success this season comes as a shock to some fans. In 2018, the Twins looked like they were headed for the bottom of the division and doing it quickly. They finished the season with a record of 78-84. Veteran catcher and hometown hero Joe Mauer retired, longtime Twin Brian Dozier was traded away at the deadline, and veteran hurler Ervin Santana hit the free agency market. That’s not to mention that manager Paul Molitor was fired and replaced with Rocco Baldelli, the current youngest manager in the major leagues.

Yet somehow, the team has persevered. They’ve gotten off to a great start and seem to be headed for postseason contention. Currently, they’re 16-9 with a .700 win percentage in their last 10 games. Byron Buxton is only five games away from equaling his total games played in the 2018 season and is giving Twins fans a glimmer of hope that he can return to his prior form. That’s also not to mention that third baseman Miguel Sano is expected to make his return from an Achilles surgery this May.

On April 29, the Twins kick off a four-game home series against the Houston Astros. While the 2017 World Series champs have one of the best rotations in baseball, the Twins were able to eke out a win against them on April 22. Tickets for that series start at $6 on StubHub.

Then, Minnesota will head out to the Bronx for a three-game stretch against the New York Yankees. New York is a game-and-a-half out of first place in the AL East and while dinged up, may still be strong competition for Minnesota. Prices range from $14 to $388 for that series.


After that, the Twins will head to Toronto to take on the Blue Jays and young phenom Vlad Guerrero Jr. starting on May 6. Tickets begin at just $7 for that series and are something fans will surely jump on. You’ll get to see the Twins roll on and the MLB’s most anticipated call-up play.

Here’s the Twins schedule for the month of May:

May 1 – VS Houston Astros

May 2 – VS Houston Astros

May 3 – @ New York Yankees

May 4 – @ New York Yankees

May 5 – @ New York Yankees

May 6 – @ Toronto Blue Jays

May 7 – @ Toronto Blue Jays

May 8 – @ Toronto Blue Jays

May 10 – VS Detroit Tigers

May 11 – VS Detroit Tigers (Game One of Doubleheader)

May 11 – VS Detroit Tigers (Game Two of Doubleheader)

May 12 – VS Detroit Tigers

May 13 – VS Los Angeles Angels

May 14 – VS Los Angeles Angels

May 15 – VS Los Angeles Angels

May 16 – @ Seattle Mariners

May 17 – @ Seattle Mariners

May 18 – @ Seattle Mariners

May 19 – @ Seattle Mariners

May 20 – @ Los Angels Angels

May 21  – @ Los Angels Angels

May 22  – @ Los Angels Angels

May 24 – VS Chicago White Sox

May 25 – VS Chicago White Sox

May 26 – VS Chicago White Sox

May 27 – VS Milwaukee Brewers

May 28 – VS Milwaukee Brewers

May 30 – @ Tampa Bay Rays

May 31 – @ Tampa Bay Rays

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Written by Bill Piersa