At the collegiate level each year, new sports gain traction while schools simultaneously continue to build up already existing programs, all contributing to the NCAA‘s spinning gears. Taking into account all things sports, and then determining which school reigns dominant above the rest stands as a huge task. However, after compiling all achievements and accolades, CBS Sports cracked the case and named Michigan University as the number one athletic school last year.

Although the Wolverines failed to win any NCAA titles last year, Michigan’s presence as a generally successful school across all sporting platforms allowed them to tally more “points” than any other school according to CBS’s system. Michigan achieved a score of 501.75 points, just ahead Kentucky University, who kept things close with a 494.25 score. Oklahoma followed close behind as well with 490.00 points.  Notable accomplishments such as Michigan’s football team finishing with a top 25 ranking, their baseball team finishing the College World Series as the runner up, and both men’s and women’s basketball teams advancing deep into postseason basketball play all contributed to the cause.

While the system weighs accomplishments from the more viewed programs such as football and men’s basketball, all yearly performances from each program plays as a factor into each school’s score. CBS awards point amounts generally based on a team’s distance into their sport’s postseason, with bonuses dealt out for championship victories stretching from contests such as bowl games to water polo titles. A championship won amid a postseason tournament with a large field, such as the 64 teams thrown into the men’s NCAA basketball tournament, warrants added bonuses as well.


Last year, the system hailed Ohio State University as the country’s best sports school, with other school such as Florida State, Stanford, and Louisville featured as recent victors as well.

With all collegiate sports currently inactive as students enjoy summer vacation, these rankings certainly give college sports fans reasons to continue arguing and debating amongst each other, even without any action unfolding until late August.

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