Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was perfectly happy to welcome the St. Louis Rams to California, but he’s not too keen on having a second team call his city home.

“We’d welcome any team to come here, but I love the idea of a great rivalry to the south,” Garcetti said Wednesday on ESPN Radio’s Capital Games Podcast. “We wish them luck.” He also said that he hopes the Raiders will not relocate to Los Angeles either.

Garcetti, who grew up as a fan of the L.A. Rams also sees their move as a starting point for even more sporting events. The new stadium, set to open in 2019, could potentially host the Super Bowl in the near future.

“We talked about bringing the Super Bowl here every four or five years,” Garcetti said. “We’re looking at the Final Four. Also, this wasn’t part of our Olympic bid. Now we can add this to the bid. It’s huge. It says to the world that you can do a sustainable Olympics and be cost sensitive.” Los Angeles has replaced Boston as the United States’ candidate city for the next available summer games.

Photo: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti by Neon Tommy, via Wikimedia Commons

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