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Jalen Ramsey & Jaguars Unable To Agree On Extension Full view

Jaguars' Jalen Ramsey criticizes NFL quarterbacks

Jalen Ramsey & Jaguars Unable To Agree On Extension

“Show me the money,” rang through the Jaguars front office’s halls this week as Jalen Ramsey entered the building looking to ink a contract extension. However, without Jerry Maguire’s Tom Cruise by his side, the star cornerback failed to walk away with a heavier wallet, as the team informed their young defensive star that his contract situation would remain untouched before next year’s football season.

Ramsey remains tied to a four–year, $23 million dollar deal. With this compromising, yet still somewhat unfair, bargain for a player like Ramsey locked in prior to another grueling four-month football season, an attempt from Ramsey to initiate an extension seemed highly likely. However, the clear disinterest to add anything onto Ramsey’s deal from the Jaguars end illustrates the little negotiation room present for Ramsey’s associates to persuade the Jacksonville front office as the offseason rolls on. Ramsey sits ready to lace up his cleats once again as a top defensive back. However, far less superior cornerbacks such as Brandon Carr, Robert Alford and teammate D.J. Hayden all cash fatter checks each week than Ramsey.

However, Ramsey’s attitude outshines others stuck in similar situations, as contract disputes occur across the league constantly during the offseason. Unlike other unhappy players, Ramsey participates at practice and remains engaged for the upcoming season, opposing a growing popular strategy that involves players holding out until their demands are met. Ramsey even joked about the situation on Twitter while also releasing a video illustrating his commitment to the Jaguars.

Despite Jacksonville’s refusal to lock up Ramsey during his further years playing football, the team expressed themselves while on Twitter as well, voicing their ongoing commitment to Ramsey.

Trade speculation surrounding Ramsey often circulates the league, as his fiery attitude often draws scrutiny from alleged executives. Whether or not a deal comes into play for Ramsey, his potential pay day poises to break records amidst his captivating talent. However, it still remains distantly ahead.

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Written by Collin Helwig