The NFL schedule has been released and with that, it means that fans can start buying tickets for the 2020 season. Over the course of the next few weeks, we here at uSports will be dissecting the regular season schedules of each of the NFL teams, and tell you what games you are going to want to attend.


The Colts were placed in a very difficult situation in 2019, when Andrew Luck retired just a couple of weeks prior to the season and had many media members believing that the Colts would be horrible. All in all, the Colts went 7-9, but could have definitely finished above .500 as they had lost numerous one-score games. Jacoby Brissett performed well last year, but it looks like Philip Rivers will be under center for the Colts. Rivers has some nice pieces around him in T.Y. Hilton, Marlon Mack, Jonathan Taylor  and Michael Pittman Jr., the two the Colts picked in this year’s draft. The Colts also have one of the top offensive lines in football with Quinton Nelson and Anthony Castonzo anchoring that left side. On defense, the Colts have arguably the best young defensive player in football in Darius Leonard, they traded for DeForest Buckner in the offseason. The one concern is the secondary but it is not something that can be a major issue, barring an injury. Frank Reich will have to manage the expectations for his squad, and maybe they can sneak into the playoffs, but it will be tough.

Full Indianapolis Colts Schedule:

Week 1: at Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 2: vs. Minnesota Vikings

Week 3: vs. New York Jets

Week 4: at Chicago Bears

Week 5: at Cleveland Browns

Week 6: vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Week 7: BYE

Week 8: at Detroit Lions

Week 9: vs. Baltimore Ravens

Week 10: at Tennessee Titans

Week 11: vs. Green Bay Packers

Week 12: vs. Tennessee Titans

Week 13: at Houston Texans

Week 14: at Las Vegas Raiders

Week 15: vs. Houston Texans

Week 16: at Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 17: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Looking at the Colts’ schedule, there is a lot of potential here for success. Prior to their Week 7 bye, the really only tough opponent they will go up against is Minnesota (you can make the case for Cleveland but I think the Colts can win that game, unlike the Vikings game). If you read my Texans schedule analysis, I said that the Texans would have a rough start most likely, this will be an opportunity for the Colts to take an early lead in their division, and if they can enter their bye week 5-1 or 4-2, they will be set up nicely for the second half of the season, where they will play the Texans twice, and the Titans twice, both of whom will be fighting for the AFC South crown. The second half of the Colts’ season will be a little tougher, but they will have an opportunity to win some games.  AsI mentioned, they play the Texans and Titans twice, they can easily split those four games and win two of them. They also play the Lions, Raiders and Jaguars, all games the Colts should win barring a major injury. Then they’ll play the Ravens, Packers and Steelers, with the Ravens and Packers games at home, so if they can win at least one of those three, they will be sitting pretty. At the end of the regular season, the Colts might not win their division, but they will most certainly be in the conversation for a wild card spot.

Given that there is no clear number one team in the AFC South, I will be keeping a close eye on that division. The Colts will be a team that can have a big time boom season, or a big time bust season, so I will definitely want to go to at least one of their games. Here are the five I will try to attend and think you should as well:

  • Week 2: Vikings at Colts
  • Week 9: Ravens at Colts
  • Week 11: Packers at Colts
  • Week 12: Titans at Colts
  • Week 15: Texans at Colts

For the first time in this series, the five games of a team that I would want to go see are all home games, but that is how the cookie crumbled. With those first three games, on paper the Vikings, Ravens and Packers are all better teams than the Colts, and those games will be nice tests for the Colts to see if they can make a possible playoff run. If the Colts can win two of those games, that will set them up nicely for the rest of the season and their playoff hopes. With the Titans and Texans games, if I haven’t said it enough, these three teams will compete for the AFC South title and it will be crucial for the Colts to maximize their opportunities they play against those teams, if they can do so, they will be in the driver’s seat for the AFC South crown.


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