Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson and fellow teammates were given a fine for violating NFL protocol.

Watson held a gathering for the grand opening of his new cheesesteak franchise. The party featured his teammates, wide receiver Brandin Cooks, running back Duke Johnson, offensive linemen Laremy Tunsil, Tytus Howard and Roderick Johnson.

The league prohibits a gathering of more than three team members outside of team facilities. Additionally, players must abide by social distancing guidelines and wearing masks outside of the field.

The Texans quarterback argued that he did indeed follow the guidelines. “We did everything that we were supposed to do, six feet from different people,” Watson said. However, photos from the opening showed otherwise. The quarterback was seen posing with teammates in close contact and without a mask. Despite this criticism, Watson was still proud of his new franchise restaurant, declaring that it was a success. “So, it turned out pretty good, and right now from the messages I got from after, it’s still popping.”

It may have been a success to him, but not to his wallet. The quarterback and his teammates were fined by the Texans. His teammates were given a $5,000 fine for breaking protocol. Due to Watson being the host of the gathering, he was given a slightly higher fine of $7,500.


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