Honesty is the best policy. Lydia Ko has just demonstrated that.

Golf’s world No. 3 is being praised for her blunt response which left her interviewer speechless.

During Sunday at the Palos Verdes Championship, Ko was seen receiving treatment from her physical therapist for what looked like a tight back. After finishing tied for third, the New Zealander was asked about the treatment.

“It’s that time of the month,” she said. “I know the ladies watching are probably like: ‘Yeah, I got you.’ So, when that happens, my back gets really tight, and I’m all twisted. It’s not the first time that [physical therapist] Chris [Wicker] has seen me twisted, but it felt a lot better after he came. So, yeah, there you go.”

The reporter eventually managed to reply with, “Thanks.”

“I know you’re at a loss for words, [Golf Channel reporter] Jerry [Foltz, who asked the question]. Honesty it is,” she followed up.

Did it really leave the reporter speechless?

Others appreciated her honesty, too:

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