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Get the Gear Preseason Edition: 3 Options For Soccer Boots Under $200 HYPERVENOM PHANTOM II FG - HYPERVENOM PHANTOM II FG Full view


Get the Gear Preseason Edition: 3 Options For Soccer Boots Under $200

With preseason right around the corner, you (or your child) have already put in the time prepping your body for the rigors ahead.

While you don’t welcome the Indian runs, wind sprints, Tampa Bays or those times when the coach just says “start running, I’ll let you know when to stop,” you have taken the time to train yourself to be able to withstand such a physical beating.

Get the Gear Preseason Edition: 3 Options For Soccer Boots Under $200

If you can just make it through the preseason, then you will be fine, right?

Well if you want to play like a pro, you’ve gotta look the part.

So, with those two-a-days lurking, here are three pairs of boots that will make you look like Ronaldo on the pitch, even if you don’t play like him.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Men’s Soccer Cleats

I feel like I can run faster just looking at these cleats.

The Hypervenom Phantom IIs are studded cleats that are best-suited for sloppy weather, but the aesthetic appeal is off the charts.

Flat-out, these boots are sick. A zebra-like design coupled with the signature swoosh that will have you outrunning defenders and tracking long balls played over the top by opponents.

The built-in sock offers excellent ankle support to ensure one less thing will be burning by the end of August.

PUMA evoSpeed 1.4 Men’s Firm Ground Cleats

These neon green spikes are perfect for dry weather, giving you maximum traction for those hot summer practices and future games.

PUMA makes very attractive shoes and they have not slipped a bit with the evoSpeed 1.4. The image of them looks like they will run off-screen at any moment.

Twelve cleats help distribute your weight and keep you on-balance to allow for perfect one-touch passing.

And with the PUMA logo, you will turn heads this preseason.

ADIDAS Men’s X 16.1 FG Soccer Cleats


You didn’t think we would leave the fellas over at Adidas out of the party did you?

How could we when you take a look at the X 16.1s?

These spikes are eye-popping in terms of pure swagg, and Adidas is known for their comfort above all other brands. The 16.1s are no different.

They somewhat resemble the old-school, silver predators that the company put on shelves in 2000, but a much fresher look and advancements in aerodynamics make these boots the best pair I’ve seen next to the Messis.

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Written by Kevin Xavier