The NBA Finals always possesses historic shots, inspiring performances, occasionally a streaker or two, and now, Chipotle. Although the NBA’s finale will be without LeBron James this year, it will give viewers a chance to score free burritos. After tweeting out possible clues and potential rules have surfaced, it appears the popular food franchise plans to deal out over $1 million worth of food to viewers planning to play into Chipotle’s own contest during the NBA Finals.

Those wishing to score free food will need attentive ears and quick thumbs, as every time an announcer, commentator, or sideline reporter says the word “free” during any game’s official coverage, Chipotle will tweet out a unique code. Once the code becomes available, viewers will need to text the code back to Chipotle quickly, as only 500 free burritos will be rewarded during the first half. However, once the second half commences, 1,000 burritos will be made available.  Causing concern for quickness and possibly generating stress for those craving Chipotle the most as the NBA’s best duke it out, the game will only come into effect for the first 20 times the key word is mentioned during the broadcast, certainly igniting a frenzy upon the internet come game time.

For those wishing to join, the account tweeting the codes is @ChipotleTweets, and the number which players must send the code to is 888-222. Game one will tip off at 5:30 p.m. ETS Thursday, May 30, 2019.

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