Alberto Del Rio is a former WWE champion, was the first Mexican-born champion of the WWE, and has not fought for the organization since 2016. On Sunday, the 42-year-old Del Rio was released from jail after posting a $50,000 bond. He was arrested and charged with sexual assault.

A woman alleged that Del Rio beat her on multiple occasions and came forward with photographs and an affidavit which gave graphic details regarding the sexual assault incident. According to arrest paperwork, Del Rio reportedly threatened his accuser saying that he would “take her son and drop him in the middle of the road somewhere.” 

Police said that Del Rio allegedly then tied the woman’s hands with a boxing strap, put a sock in her mouth, and went on to sexual assault her for several hours. Del Rio also punched the woman in the back leaving visible damage according to investigators. The woman also says she does not recall much from the incident after Del Rio placed his hand around her throat.

In 2016 Del Rio’s then-wife Angela Velkei, whom Del Rio had three kids with, filed for divorce from him. 

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