WWE wrestler and movie star, Dwayne Johnson, has always been known for his levity despite his hulk-like frame. The star of this year’s Hercules and next year’s Furious 7 paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, where in the above video one of the writers was attempting to go over show notes with him.

So the wrestler formerly known as “The Rock” decided to have a little fun with a staff writer named Arthur. At the end of the video, he slaps the sheet out of the Arthur’s hand and said some not safe for work words: but he made sure to point out in the video description that “I only do this to writers I like” and “Arthur is my friend.”

Now, he is not listed as a show guest on this evening’s The Tonight Show, so uSports does not currently know if this is a video from a past or recent visit: only his inclusion of the hashtags NBC, Fallon and NYC, clued the world to where he was.

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