Without any refs present to spoil things with a missed pass–interference call, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees won while in the court room this week, as the Superior Court awarded him roughly $6 million once concluding a case between Brees himself and a San Diego jewelry store.

Once reportedly receiving encouragement from his wife, Brees sued CJ Charles Jewlers after an employee drastically and intentionally overcharged Brees for some diamonds he purchased in 2015. Brees and his wife both appeared and testified against the salesmen responsible, Vihad Moradi, in court over the trial’s course. Brees even missed some practice time with the Saints while appearing in court. Brees initially paid over $15 million  for the diamonds he intended to give to his wife as a gift, however the appropriate price for the diamonds stood at a far smaller figure at the time. Brees’s attorney commented after the affair as he stated, “It was our position that Mr. Moradi breached his fiduciary duty, and that’s essentially what the jury said. They saw Mr. Moradi for exactly what he is: a grifter and a confidence man.”

Moradi defended himself, claiming he sold the diamonds as a long-term investment, giving reason as to why he charged Brees so heavily. Moradi stated, “Mr. Brees told me that he was interested in purchasing great pieces for Ms. Brees to have in the family for the long term. The investment is always related to the long-term legacy pieces to be held in the family. The investment is in that context only.”

Although Moradi and his attorney allegedly intend to pursue an appeal to the court’s ruling, Brees and his family can enjoy this off the field win for now.

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