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Daniel Jones & Kyler Murray Shine In Preseason Debuts Full view

Daniel Jones with the Giants in 2019

Daniel Jones & Kyler Murray Shine In Preseason Debuts

While neglecting the tempting urge to over–hype players who dazzle during the NFL’s preseason remains a less popular practice as competitive play still awaits, rookie quarterbacks Daniel Jones and Kyler Murray certainly baited their team’s fanbases with their impressive play during their debuts Thursday night.

Kicking off their preseason campaign with their “roommates” at MetLife Stadium, the New York Giants sent out Jones to face the New York Jets. Jones entered the game after veteran and expected starter Eli Manning played a singular series where the he completed just one pass for three yards while the team failed to pick up a first down.


Exciting a crowd accustomed to exceedingly disappointing play over the last few seasons, Jones marched the Giants down the field with ease, going a perfect 5/5 passing while capping things off with perfect throw to Bennie Fowler in the endzone. Although a great deal remains undetermined about Jones and his potential to one day ascend to the starting role, the Duke product certainly showed promise, not quite silencing but perhaps quieting his doubters going forward. Giants fans reigned boos all over Jones after New York controversially spend the sixth overall pick on him during the NFL draft just a few months ago.

The young quarterback humbly commented after the game, “I think overall I did some good things… missed a couple of things, could have been a little bit better with a couple of things, so I’ll focus on that.” Jones sat out the rest of the game following his head–turning series.

Although the first overall pick failed to meet the excessive criticism which the New York media initially threw at Jones, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray diluted any skeptics regarding his skills on Thursday night as well.

In a short yet effective stint, Murray went 6/7 passing, illustrating the accuracy which allowed him to hoist a Heisman Trophy last year while tallying up an admirable 44 yards. Attacking with both short throws and run–option plays, Murray appeared to wield the Arizona offense quite comfortably. While playing only one series, Murray finished with a noteworthy 92.9 passer rating.

“I thought it was smooth. I was anxious to get out there, move around and throw it a little bit,” stated Murray. “I really just tried to execute whatever Coach called, and I think we did that for the most part.”

Murray and the Cardinals next play the Oakland Raiders for their second preseason bout, while Jones and Big Blue await a visit from the Chicago Bears.

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Written by Collin Helwig