The Cleveland Browns were able to finish their season with a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, and setting up a rematch in the wild card round. The game ended with Browns’ defensive end Myles Garrett and Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph making up with one another.

In 2019, Garrett and Rudolph had gotten into a physical altercation with one another. During the altercation, Garrett hit Rudolph with his own helmet. The defensive end was fined more than $45,000 and was suspended for the final six games of the season. The Steelers’ quarterback was fined $50,000 for his role in the altercation. The quarterback was accused of calling the Browns’ defensive end a racial slur that prompted the incident. Rudolph has denied this claim.

Following the altercation, both players have sought to make up with each other. In September, the defensive end wanted to sit down and talk it out saying, “move forward, and just being better men and football players and not letting something like that happen again.” Furthermore, he added that he had no ill intent with the Steelers quarterback. “I don’t have any grudge against [Rudolph],” he said. Rudolph had expressed willingness to talk with Garrett saying, “Happy to hear Myles out.”

They were able to meet with one another again, and it appeared that they were able to hash things out. After Sunday’s game, they exchanged words wishing each other good luck after Rudolph congratulated Garrett for their win. The defensive end then went on Twitter posting a photo of them captioning it, “Onward and Upward”. There is no doubt that everything is good between the two now.

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