Usually the term is “bench-clearing brawl,” but last night the heated Pens and Caps match-up created another subsection to the brawl format. What started with a big check by the Capitals’ Tom Wilson resulted in Blake Comeau and Steve Downie tag-teaming and shoving the instigator into the Penguins’ bench.

And as a result, all hell broke loose as the fight escalated in the visitor’s bench: sticks, gloves and punches went flying. Still at this point, is anyone really surprised: the Pens and Caps thoroughly hate each other — I usually watch these games because it is good hockey and there is a minimum of at least two fights.

Just look at what happened before the game.

Blake Comeau and Steve Downie get sent to the sin bin from the Penguins and Tom Wilson and Michael Latta from the Capitals. In the end, the Pens squeaked by with a 4-3 victory: with just over a month to play, the Eastern Conference is beginning to heat up.

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